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Diana Vickers - My Wicked Heart
(My Wicked Heart - Single)

Yes. This song is absolutely brilliant! This is ‘My Wicked Heart’ by Diana Vickers, the song is her 3rd single and is going to be featured in the re-release of her amazing album (I genuinely don’t know why it needed a re-release, especially after just 2 singles). Anyways, the song is a bruising-ly brilliant track with trumpets, saxophones and so many other tidbits booming in the chorus, even this awesome ‘whooop’ bit which just sums up the sentiment of the track. And huge props to Diana for not taking the electropop/Guetta/RedOne train, and instead choosing the more worthwhile trip. This song has just proved that Diana really does have the edge and is here to stay, for a long time.

The Wicked Lyrics

  • The Whoop bits
  • Oh my wicked heart/Beats out of time for you
  • Hush hush secret/Your secrets safe with me
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Posted at 11:10 AM 06 October 2010
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